Neuromodulation – an innovative Approach

How it works

Restoration of correct nerve function

During neuromodulation, certain nerve structures are brought back into balance with the help of gentle electrical impulses. Modulating these nerves influences the transmission of nerve impulses, allowing for targeted treatment of bladder overactivity. Neuromodulation is also frequently used in pain management.

From a technical perspective, this treatment is comparable to a pacemaker: a generator stimulates the respective nerve roots using electrodes that have been attached. This prompts the muscles to empty the bladder. This device is battery-operated and can be controlled from the outside, similarly to using a remote control.

Neuromodulation – an innovative approach


  • Less systemic side effects and contraindications thanks to targeted treatment
  • Management of dosage and flexibility of use
  • Ability to positively influence the nerves


What makes FemPulse so unique is that the treatment is reversible, i.e. the vaginal ring can be removed at any time without any hassle. Furthermore, a simulation test can be carried out to see how well a patient responds to the treatment.